How the Sony A7S Changed the Film Industry Forever | Review 2021

this video is not a review it is ahistory lesson about one of the mostrevolutionary camera models to come outin the historyof video cameras this is the storyof the sony a7s seriesthe sony a7s has been one of the mostrevolutionary cameras in the filmindustry over the last seven years itessentially single-handedly brought sonyinto the game when it came tovideo hybrid cameras eventually leadingto stealing the crown from canon who hadit sostrongly at the time of the 5d seriesnow we have the final evolution of theoriginal a7s with the a7s3 giving usbasically everything we have ever wantedbut how did we get here let's go back intime to 2013. the a7sfrom sony was the third alpha mirrorlesscamera released from sony and it was agreat surprise to many the a7 andoriginal a7r were already out but nobodyreally gave them much thought except forof course philip bloom the a7s was a bitof a shocker as it only had 12megapixels and nobody really saw itcomingat the time the 5d mark ii from canonwas still one of the top budget camerasout there and it was really only capableof going to1600 or 3200 iso comfortably whichhonestly was plenty for many people andit still is to this day but once we sawwhat the a7s was capable ofpeople started losing their pants havinga camera capable of going to 10 000 isowith a clean image meant that you coulduse a lens with an f4 aperture even indimly lit circumstancesnow of course as you started to ramp upthe isoyou would lose some dynamic range andcolor information but as a filmmakingtoolthis thing was truly revolutionary youcould basically seein the dark not only was this camerapowerful in low light it also was ableto shoot 4kand in 2013 that was a big dealhowever you could only unlock its 4kpotential by using the tiny hdmi microport and using theatomos shogun recorder without theshogun you were limited to 1080pinternal recording and at the time theshogun was the best recorder for the a7sbut it looked hilariously too big to fiton it as the camera was smaller than themonitor itself now we have the ninja vwhich is better suited but at the timethis was all we got 4k looked great onthis thing and recording in slog2 wasreally nice for a dynamic range givingyou roughly 12 stops of dynamic rangehowever the output was only an 8-bit 422signal going into the recorderno 10-bit but there were some issueshere with the original a7scolor science for me personally when iwas a freelance shooter back in 2014i was used to the canon 5d mark ii andthe 70 which hadfantastic color but they were a littlebit lower in the speccategory so i was stoked to try out thea7s in 4k mode and even the 1080 butlittle did i know that you couldn't justswitch onslog2 and get a perfect image the colorscience was weird and required a lot ofwork to get it to look right it seemedas though the a7s just hadbad color and that is where sony's badcolor memekind of started to take the forefront inthe industry it really wasn't that thecolor was awful it was just differentthan canon and it wasn't as good ascinema cameras from sony they alsorequired a ton of customizing to get thelookright made a custom profilecalled pro colorthat really helped make the skin tonesand color science look much betterand that is what i personally used wheni was shooting on the original a7sthe color science wasn't the only issuewith the original a7s however no no nothe battery life was another massivegripe about this camera
i don't knowwhat it was but for some reason thiscamera hadawful battery life you were lucky to get40 minutes of battery onthis camera you could charge it over usbbut not while you're using it the cameraitself was also supertiny and that could be something thatyou like but for mostit just seemed too plasticky cheap andway too tiny for largesized hands to hold there's also no formof autofocus for video on this camerabut they did includefocus peaking which was nice at the timethen in october of 2015the a7s2 was announced giving what mostusers wanted internal 4kand ibis ibis stands for in body imagestabeand this was a big deal at the time thegh5 was yet to be announced and soibis was still a relatively new concepti remember thinking this would replaceall lenses with isand i could use any lens i wanted andit'd have stabilization however thestabilization reallywasn't all that great it did help ingetting some of those micro jitters outof the image however the body was also abitchunkier and much easier to grip butthey chose to stick with the same crappybattery as before they alsoleft the camera with one sd card butagainthe main draw to this camera was thefact that it was capable of shooting 4kinternal no more massive atomos shogunneeded this time in 8bit 420 and if youwanted 422 you did have to go externallike the original the color scienceseemed to beroughly the same as sony opted to usethe same sensor from the original a7scamera and this camera was really moreof an incremental upgrade but theoriginal was so good they didn't need tochangetoo much to make us happy they let usmap the record button to something elsewhich was great because the little tinybutton on the side was dumb the menusystem still was confusing but it was alittle bit better and the evfgot significantly better this was alsothe first a7s that brought us continuous autofocus though it was contrast based only itworked pretty good and manyyoutubers
started using it even thoughthere wasn't a flip out screen howevermy friendjoshio from make art now broke hisscreen to make it flipdown so he could see himself upside downbut other than that you were screwed ifyou wanted to view what you wererecording from the front without amonitor like i said the color sciencedidn't improve much but they did adds-log 3 and people were certainly ableto figure out how to get great lookingfootage on this camera the 1080p 120 fpsslow motion was decentand this camera was really a seriousbeast in the market for several yearsbut then in 2017 the alpha 7r3 or the a7r iii came out with a newbattery system that tripled the batterylife added dual card slots made thecamera even more comfortable to holdgave usway better autofocus with face trackingbetter ibis andbetter color science so naturally we allhoped for the a7s iii to be coming outsooninstead we got a bunch of great lensesfrom sony and the a7iii and a bunch of aps-c cameras waitedand waited and waited rumors would popup cinegear a7s3 then nothingnab 2019 nothingibc will see an a7s3 i promisenothing it seemed as though the a7s3was a myth and then when all hope waslostrumors of a camera capable of 4k at 120frames per seconda flip screen venice color sciencestarted popping upwas it true is this actually possible isit possible thatsony would give us what we actuallywanted it wasthe a7s3 finally arrived in the summerof2020. the worst time in the history ofsony alpha series camerasto be released a 4 000 camerareleased to win one of the worstpandemics to hit the globeis happening at a time where filmmakersweren't workingsony released the camera we were allwaiting for the youtuber reviews werealmostpainful to watch we all wanted thiscamerabut did it make financial sense forsomeone to buy at a time where videoprofessionalswere completely in limbo where your nextjob wasreally a question mark also was thecanon r5 going to beat the a7s3thankfully the r5's overheating failuresmade the a7s 3 seem like the perfectcamera and eventually people figured outhow to have coveted safety on sets incertain locations started opening upagain and the a7siii was flying off shelves we comparedit to the aria alexa lf and the sonyvenice on this channel and my findingswere pretty incredible with some basiccolor grading i was able to very closelymatch the a7s iiifootage with the r alexa and almostperfectly match it to the 70 000sony venice camera the a7s iii lived upto the hype and it's honestly prettyclose to perfect giving us dual cardslots that can use cf express type amemory cards as well as traditional sdit can record 4k up to 120 frames persecond has the ability to outputraw over the full-sized hdmi port has anice big record button on top the evfis best in class the color science hasgreatly improved the ibis has gotteneven better the battery life isincredible the autofocus is close toperfect for video witheye tracking autofocus and they finallyaddedthe flip screen finallythe sony a7s iii is truly the closestthing to a perfect hybrid camera forsomeone like mewho's more interested in video thanphoto a youtuber's dream camera withouta doubt they keptthe 12 megapixels but upgraded it to bea dual native iso sensor and the imagesyou can take on itlook incredible the sony e-mount hasmatured quite a bit to have a whole slewof incredible glass that you can pair onit but even though we waited forever forthis camera to come outthat doesn't mean you should waitforever to update your website using oursponsor let's say you designed awebsitein 1995 for your video cassettebusiness well shocker alert cassettesareout of style and so are you that's wheresquarespacecomes in if you use our link down belowsquarespace.comindie mogul you can save 10 off yourfirst purchaseof a brand new website they've got tonsof modernand beautiful looking templates that canget you started but in addition to thosegreat templates.

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