SONY A6400 FULL - Best Vlogging Camera | Review 2021

today I'm gonnabe reviewing the brand's new releasedtoday Sony a 6400 Sony have literallyjust announced the release of their a6400 which is their new entry-levelemail series mirrorless camera was givenit to test it out before the releasedate so Thank You Sony I feel veryspecial a lot of you have subscribed tome for my travel content and I'm verypassionate about sharing my adventuresand traveling with you and spreadingpositivity but I also love capturingthose experiences in the best waypossible so love learning about newcameras and technology so before I'mgoing to show this to you I'm going toshow you the cameras that I've beenusing to vlog for the last couple ofyears so starting with the rx100 serieswhich is the first of the Sony camerasthat I ever used this is the Mach 4 thenI went on to the mark 5 then recentlyhave upgraded to the mark 6 so next Istarted using the Sony Alpha rangestarting with the a7 r2 then the a7 s 2which have been my predominant vloggingcameras for the last couple of years andthen more recently I tried out the a7 r3and this is the a7 3 so this is I justborrowed this for my housemate to showyou this is very similar but there'smore advanced features it's a little bitof a bigger body and much longer lifebattery anyway these cameras a bit morehigh-end and for pro production and incase you were wondering what theselittle fluffy things are I stick theseon all my cameras they're like littlemini wind mufflers just to stop any ofthe wind noiseand they are amazing for the inbuiltaudio anyway all of these cameras aregreat but I have really struggled torecommend beginner vloggers anyonethat's starting out to get the Alpharange because they're quite pricey andthey don't have a full 180 flip outscreen when the screens flip out theyonly stop there so you can already seeyourself when you're vlogging and thenthe rx100 range they do have the 180flip up screen so you can see whenyou're vlogging but it doesn't have aninterchangeable lens and although it'spacked with amazing features it is quitepricey for a point-and-shoot I've neverowned or used in a 6300 or an a 6500 sothey won't be able to compare them fromexperience but this is the next camerain that range so the question is is thea 6400 the perfect camera foraffordability quality and functionalityokay I'm down in Venice Beach I'mtesting out a few things with a newcamera firstly how is the audio this isthe built-in audio how is it it's alittle bit windy here so hopefullythere's not catching the wind I'venoticed the mics are mounted on thefront of this camera rather than the top the other thing
I want to test out ishow quickly I can focus from my facewhich is in focus now to I guess likeswinging around to the background andback to my face again and then over hereand then back to my fake face again sothe first huge feature is that thescreen it does flip all the way around180 I do find the way they've built thisflip screen a little bit awkward but Ithink the reason it's like this is so itcan kind of lift up over the electronicviewfinder which is also important so Iget it and also you think it's good thatthey didn't have one fold around theside like a lot of other mirrorlesscameras do so I'm I'm gonna test it outI'll let you guys know how sturdy it isit does look a bit flimsy but it'spretty cool it does have a littledigital viewfinder as well which Iusually use when I'm taking the photosin bright conditions and then you canactually control the camerathe touchscreen as well I usually usethis for auto focusing you can literallytouch a subject on the screen and thenit automatically pulls into focus so andit occasionally gets annoying if youaccidentally touch the screen but Ithink you can easily quit out and maybeyou can set like a shortcut key toenable the touchscreen focus but I thinkit's a pretty cool feature it also has amicrophone jack input a hot shoe and abuilt-in flash what I also love aboutthis is there's this customizable dialhere that you can kind of set it to dowhatever you want so I've set it to doexposure compensation but there's loadsof customizable buttons you can prettymuch program any button to do anythingyou want to say I think that's a greatfeature especially if you're used tocertain things on cameras I think youcan basically set it up to be exactlyhow you want it Sony have said thatthey've built in a lot of technologyfrom their full frame range into thiscamera here's a size comparison so youcan see the body size comparison now onething I do need to point out is thatthis is a cropped sensor an aps-c andthen it takes these smaller email lensesit also can take the bigger full-framelenses but then they're just cropped ina little bit so like a 24 lens would bemore like a 36 and a 12 mil ends wouldbe more like an 18 millimeter but theseemail lenses are pretty cool this is the18 235 which would be my kind of choiceif I was to choose one lens because it'swide enough to vlog on and then you canshoot some cool b-roll and capturethings with a bit of zoom and thenslowly let me play around with the the10 to 18 which is obviously wide I'd bedoing more kind of landscape photographywith this the 24 1.8 this is nice forthat kind of shallow depth and then the28 to 70 which again just gives you abit of variety and the kind of shots youcan do with one lens so this would be mychoice study the 18 to 135 so it's a 24point two megapixel sensor
and it canshoot 4k at 30 frames a secondfor those of you that like shootingcinematically it has a new color profilewhich is designed for HDR recordingcalled HL g ii i've switched to the newpitcher profile that's been releasingthis camera which is the h LG profileand I'm going to try I guess it's to dowith the dynamic range of something yetyou can pull back out on the footage butthis is me completely back to lick thesunset I'm guessing you'll still be ableto see some detail in the clouds andstuff it also shoots 120 frames a secondat 1080 I'm going to test shooting at120 frames a second uncropped and seehow the photo looks like check this outanother amazing thing about this camerais that it doesn't limit your recordtime to 29 minutes most mirrorlesscameras and DSLRs limit the record timeto 29 minutes this has that featureremoved and I think that's just going tobe so good if you're trying to recordpodcasts or interview people you don'twant to keep checking that the camera isstill filming you don't to be panickingwhen I was filming on the world flightwith the a7s and they a7r I had to keepchecking whenever I was interviewingpeople because I shooting someinterviews on my own I had to kind ofstand up check later still recording butthis would just keep rolling as long asyou've got enough space in the memorycard or whatever so I think that'sawesomeone of the other biggest features isthat has the world's fastest autofocusspeed when you're taking photosapparently 0.02 seconds it has real timeI or a focus plus real-time tracking 425points of phase detection and you cantake a photo burst of up to 11 frames asecond that's pretty madWow look enough tracking the focus thatis amazing the autofocus issignificantly better in low light whichis an issue I've had in the past withSony cameras so that's really good thatthat's improved and I think thelow-light ability of this camera ispretty good depending on what lensyou're using obviously not as good asthe a7s2 but if significantly betterthan the rx100 one of the disadvantagesof the a 6400 is that there's no in-bodystabilization which by guess is one ofthe reasons why they could keep the costlow also it's the reason why they namedthis model the a 6400 there's already ana 6300 and a 6500 the a 6500 does havethe embody stabilization so yeah I thinka lot of people are confused why thiswas the a 6400 and that's why anothercool feature they've released with thiscamera is the ability to do time-lapsephotography the features called intervalshoot function with all the previousSony cameras you have to download an appoff the Sony Play Store and it was acomplete headache every time I got a newcamera I had to download the app anywayit's built in now so you don't need anyexternal devices a lot of people do timethat's photography with kind ofintervalometer things that you plug intoyour camera anyway it's all built-in andyeah I cannot wait to start using thatand then a few other little features ithas the ability to transfer 4k movies toyour smart phone which you could edit inAdobe Rush if you wanted to editsomething on your smart phone it's gotall the normal Wi-Fi features built inlike the remote control stuff andapparently you can update the locationand date and time through Bluetoothwhich is also cool so that's most of theinformation about this camera the a 6400the most amazing thing is the body isonly around 900 dollars and with the 16250ml lens kit it's $1000 and with the18 to 135 my favorite lens it's $1,300 Ithink that is amazing value for moneyand I would totally recommend this for abeginner and if someone's looking to getinto photography or vlogging this isyour camera so I'm going to startvlogging with this as my primevlogging camera and I'll keep you up todate with how I get on and if there'sanything I discover if there's anythingI've missed that you guys want to knowabout the camera please comment belowask me and yeah I'll try to let you knowit's kind of weird that I'm one of theonly people in the world I think I'm oneof four people in the world that's hadthis pretty release to play around withso again I feel totally honored thanksto Sony and hopefully that was aninformative and you enjoyed that littlereview and finally just remind you guysthis is just one series on my channelI'm gonna be doing a lot of travelcontent still I've got a trip toAustralia planned next month.

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