Sony a6400 vs a6600 - The Differences | Review 2021

I'm talking about cameras and thatdrones this time let's go my guys alljust osteo here with flight path commonlike I said I have a camera video butI'm not gonna go too in depth with thiscamera video I've actually been usingthe a 6600 for the past couple weeks nowso I guess it's kind of drone relatedbecause I've been shooting all my dronevideos with this camera as well as my6400 so in this videos want to talk toyou about some of the features that Ireally like about the new a 6600 incomparison to my sony a 6400now I was actually able to use the 6600while I was at Sony camera camp not toolong ago but I did want to kind of useit for a little bit longer we normallycould rent stuff out there for half aday or a day and I really wanted to kindof use this as my workhorse camera toput it in more of a comparison with the6400 so thanks to Sony for letting methis camera to actually test out for thepast couple weeksin a quick disclaimer I am NOT aprofessional cinematographer orvideographer or whatever you want tocall it I just use my cameras as mytools for YouTube the 6400 now 787 3 soit was nice to kind of finally play withit 6600 just to see where it lives andhow it lives right in between these twoso we're looking for a lot more detailson these cameras I'll make sure I havelinks to some of my friends on YouTubethat really go in depth with thesecameras so make sure you guys check outthose links down below and the firstthing as far as price goes we have the6400 coming in at about nine hundreddollars just for the body alone then youhave this 6600 which runs about $1,400$500 price service between these two isdefinitely a big jump so let's talkabout some of the things of you know whyit's a little bit more expensive thanthe 6400 know one of the biggestdifferences I've felt right away when Igrab the a 6600 is the size of the gripnow the size of the grip of the 6400 isreally small if you always have to havethis kind of like pinky hold down hereat the bottom and if you have big handsI mean this thing is just really gonnabe awkward because you're gonna end uphaving like this weird gap in betweenyou know the body in your handthe 6,600 feels kind of like my a 73 andit's mainly because of the fact thatthere's a bigger battery in here nowwith that bigger battery of course youhave a lot longer shooting time now withthe 6400 I would probably have to go outwhen I shoot with about 2 to 3 batteriesfor some one reason those batteries onthe 6400 just do not last the Aged 6600battery however just like the a7 3 Icould pretty much go a full day on onebattery or here if I'm doing a productreview on a 6400 I would probably gothrough maybe 2 to 3 batteries so as faras battery life goes that was a hugeplus knowing I can just be out and aboutwith one battery and not just that thatone battery gives you a much bigger griponcamera which feels really nice now withthe 6600 they added the headphone jackwhich is a big deal because you mightnot think it but as a solo shooter youwant to at least be on the fieldespecially using something like thiswhich is the rode wireless go to be ableto monitor it before you actually go outthere and start shooting now of courseit's gonna be very beneficial if youhave like a secondary shooter that canalways monitor it but even as a soloshooter I found myself going out intothe field throwing my camera on a tripodor a monopod and then testing it out andlistening to it before I start recordinghow
the audio currently sounds whileyou're adjusting your audio levels was apretty big deal especially even as asolo shooter one of the great featuresof the new 6600 is that I autofocus bothin video and photo I actually did usethat a lot without shooting video youcan see how accurate it was with the6600 in comparisonthey both do an amazing job I mean youprobably wouldn't even notice thedifference because I was looking at thatlittle square but nice to see that theyadded that in there on the 6,600 nownobody I really like about the 6600speaking of those buttons on the back isthat they come out a little bit more onething I don't like about the 6400 isthat all the buttons are almost kind offlush with the body so you always haveto kind of look at what you're pressingwe're here it's easy to feel them outand then press a certain button andwithout actually having to look at theback of your camera now one feature Isaw missing from the 6600 is the flashup top which is 6400 actually has now Iwould normally never really use theflash so I don't really miss it but itwas interesting to see that they don'thave it on the 6600 which not that big adeal I don't use the flash you neverreally want to use that flat lookingflash anyways from the front it is nicethat they have it on here what I wouldlike to see and actually brought this upat Sony camera camp Sony actually had ustalking little small groups about somewishlist stuff and we'd like to see inthe future and one of the things I didbring up to them was can we possiblyhave a pop-up just like this orsomething very similar to it that wouldactually house a microphone so that wayif I wanted to vlog with it all I haveto do is press this up and then now Ihave a directional mic that's pointedright at me then once I'm donevlogging
I could put it away now ofcourse they havethese little small little mics up frontbut they're you know quality of thesemics aren't that great and it'd be niceto just be oh I don't I just want tostart vlogging boom and now I have adirectional mic that actually can comeout a little bit more so I didn'tmention that to Sonia so if they do comeout with that any time soon no one'sever talked to really about that so makesure you guys come back here and leaveme a comment and credit me on that onenow the one thing that 6,600 has is asteady shot or in body imagestabilization but putting in side byside actually did some vlogging testswith these things and it's very minimalI really wish that you know they startedusing some maybe maybe a little bitdigital image stabilization that that wehave similar to we have on like actioncameras where we're able to smooth thoseout a lot more I was really hoping thatwe would have a much better stabilizedshot from something like thisconsidering that big price jump now oneof the downfalls with the a 6400 thatalso even a seven three halves is thatif you plug in an HDMI monitor to ityou're not able to do face tracking in4k now I was excited that everyone wastalking about it I was a little manicsweet I'm excited that they have 4kautofocus when you plug an HDMI monitorinto it so it's really excited to testout the 4k face tracking with the 6600when I was testing it it all actuallyworks in 24p and not 30 frames a secondpeople gonna go oh my god you should whyaren't you shooting in 24 kind of aletdown because I was excited to be ableto find it plug in my monitor I have abunch of monitors here that I normallywill use to see exactly what the camerasees while you're shooting so I don'tknow why that is like that it works in4k 24 but not 4k 30 from what I can seeor what I tested if you guys knowsomething else different makes you guyslet me know in the comments section downbelow now those are just some of thestandout features I saw between the 66and a 6400 that I wanted to talk aboutI got mentioned I'll leave links downbelow to a bunch of other youtubers thatgo into full details full tutorials andspecs on these Sony cameras make sureyou guys check them out down below I'mat the point where I always want to knowI'm maxing out my gear I do have to sendback to Sony which means I'm gonna nowgo back to this and if I feel like atthe end of maybe another month.

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