Sony A7R III / A7R IIIA 2021 - Now is the time | Review 2021

main reason why i'm making a 2021update video about this camera is theintroduction ofa7 r3a which is a modernized version ofthe original a7r3the other reason why i'm making thisvideo is that the output from a7r3is in my opinion much more useful andmanageable nowthan it was three years ago i wasfinally able to travel abroad so therewill also be a change of scenery in thisvideoi've been using the regular a7 r3 but iwill show you the new a7 r3a displaywhich is the main differencea7r3 uses a well-known third generationsony full-frame bodyi'm personally a big fan of this designit is only 12 and a half centimeterswide and it weighs 657grams considering the amount oftechnology that is inside of this camerai still think that sony didn't getenough credit for packaging of theirthird generation full-frame camerasthe build quality is generally very goodit uses a magnesium frame and it feelssolidthis is probably a three and a halfyears old review unitand apart from some minor scratches itis actually in a really goodshape the weather ceiling isn't as goodas with fourth generation but it canstill survive a reasonable amount of badweatherthat is probably a price for a verycompact sizea7r3 uses a 43.4 megapixel backsideilluminated full-frame sensor even by2021 standards this is still a greatsensorthe amount of detail that you cancapture with the sensor is stilloutstanding43 megapixels is enough basically forany kind of publishing platformincluding fine art prints and 8k digitalpublishinga7r3 also doesn't have a low pass filterwhich is a logical choice in a camerathat is supposed to capture a maximalamount of detailthe extra resolution is also useful forcropping and it provides a lot offlexibility for reframingregarding the iso performance i havecompared it to my benchmark which is a73 by downsampling the shots to 24megapixelsthe difference is pretty minor and theamount of noise is basically the sameiso 3200 is very clean on both andperfectly usablethere is some noise at iso 6400 but itis still usable for the majority ofpublication platformsiso 12800 is still usable you will seesome noise but it is ok for onlinepublishingiso 25600 is an emergency optionthe noise is clearly visible but it canstill get the colors rightand there is basically no color shifta misconception is that high-res camerasare not as good at high iso values as 24megapixel camerasif you export the images at 24megapixels which is a logical thing todoa7r 3 benefits from the downsampling andnoise compressionit is actually a great low light camerait also performs very well in the realworldso i'm more than happy in this regardthe dynamic range is very good asexpected with modern full-frame sonysensori've been shooting with a7r3 in verychallenging light conditions and i was always able to extract enoughinformation from the ros withoutintroducingnoise again it may not be quite as highas a7r3 but you will only be able to seethe difference in the most extremesituationsso i am very happy with the dynamicrangethe colors are generally very nice thea7r3 was released after sony fixed thecolor issues so that is not a problemthe colors are generally very neutralsony mainly went for accuracy so thecolors are not overly warm or vibrantit is a good starting point for rawdevelopment
if you want something more vibrant outof the camera you can choose a differentpicture profileoverall i can say that the a7r iiioutput is still very future proofit provides fantastic image quality thatstill exceeds requirements of the vastmajority of publishing methods andplatformsdue to the introduction of n1 max andmore affordable high speed storage thefiles are also more manageable nowadaysthat is why i think that the a7r3 anda7r3amakes more sense now than it did when itwas originally releaseda7r3 uses a hybrid autofocus systemwith 399 phase detection points and 425contrast detection pointsit is supposed to be the lower versionof autofocus in comparison to a7 3 anda9in reality it still performs very wellin usual situations it is 100 accurateand very fasteven in low light situations it is stillflawlessin the vast majority of situations youwon't be able to see the differencein comparison to a7 iii even the eyetracking is 100 reliablei also got 100 hit rate when walkingtowards the camerai wasn't able to test it in the mostextreme situationssuch as birds in flight but for allusual situationsit is an excellent system by 2021standardsin the video it is really good as welljust like with stills it is more thangood enough for usual situationsit is always accurate and there is nohunting at allin very difficult situations such asthis low light andlow contrast focusing at close distanceit still performs reallywell it is a little bit less confidentthan a7 3 in this kind of situationsand there might be a tiny bit of huntingbut that is barely visiblei can say that the autofocus in video isstill excellentand it is about 95 percent of a7r iiivideo autofocus performancesony's a7r series are mostly stillsoriented camerasbut the a7r iii is also a very capablevideo camerait can shoot no crop 4k video in 24and 25b there is probably some binningor line skippingto be honest i wouldn't be able to tellthe difference between down sampled a7 3videoand a7 r3 video in most situationsit may look a bit more digital than a7 3probably because it has no low passfilterbut the video is very detailed and theoverall video qualityis great if you use one of the semi-flatpicture stylesit also captures very solid dynamicrange and it provides a lot offlexibility for color gradingsuper 35 or aps-c mode is also veryusefulthat produces 4k video downsampled fromabout 5kthe image quality is very similar tofull-frame modeit is definitely a very useful featureif you need more focal range or you wantto use aps-clenses if the video quality is your mainpriority i would still go with a7 3.i think that it has a bit more naturalor if you want cinematiclook having said that if you want the a7r3 because of the resolution or anythingelse but you still need to shoot videoas wellyou definitely don't need to beconcerned about the video quality atall the inbound image stabilizationis rated for five and a half stops firstof all it is very impressive that sony was able to fitthis inbound image stabilization unitinto such a small camera the efficiency is actually very good itis very similar to nikon z62 that irecently tested which means that it isalso pretty close to the xd4at 24 millimeters i was able to getabout one secondexposure which is very impressivein video it obviously helps a lot aswellit is sufficient for static shots up toabout 70 millimetersit is also sufficient for panningover all i am very happy with the inboundimage stabilizationespecially the body size toeffectiveness ratio is excellentas i've explained in my recent a7 3versus nikon c62 videoi think that the handling of sony'sthird generation cameras is veryunderrateda7r3 offers three command dials joystickand 12 logically positioned customizable buttons the af on button is in the right placeand the two buttons on the top of thecamera are easy to reachit also has an exposure compensationdial
and a choice to go of coursethe only thing that i miss on a7 r3 anda7 3 is the combineddrive mode and focus mode dial which isonly available ona1 and a9 seriesthe grip is smaller than on gen 4 but itis pretty well shapedand i'm completely fine with it evenwith heavier lensesthe small size also makes the camerasomewhat nimbleoverall i'm very happy with the handlingand i don't see any issues with handlingat all on the other hand the userinterface is not greati think that the new main menu couldhave been a differentiating feature of aversionson the other hand once you initially setup the camera you don't really have touse itthere are only five menu items that iuse on the go and i put all of those inmy menuso that is not that big of a dealthe function menu is highly customizableso i use that onea lot on the go in combination withhighly customizable buttonsit makes the operation of camera veryhassle freeunfortunately you can't control it usingthe touchscreenthe main difference between a7r3 anda7r3ais the new screen i have already usedthis new 2.36 million dot panel onfujifilm gfx gfx100sthis is the best display that iscurrently being used on camerasit is very sharp very bright and simplya joy to work withit is a lot brighter than 2.1 milliondot panel on nikon and panasonic camerasit is a very welcome upgrade and it willdefinitely make the whole camera feelmore up to datethe viewfinder uses a 3.69 million dotpanel with 0.78 times magnificationit is not as impressive as the latest5.7or 9.4 million dot viewfinders but it iscompletely fine to useand it saves some spacea7r3 can shoot 10 frames per second withmechanical shutter and autofocuscontinues which is very impressivethe only downside is significant lag onthe screenyou can get rid of that by shooting 8frames per secondthe buffer can take about 30 rows whichis also impressive with 42 megapixelsthe buffer clearing is very slow thoughwhich is to be expectedif you don't need to shoot more than 30frames at time a7r3 can actually be avery capable sports or wildlife cameraa7r3 has two sd card slot but only oneis uh 2 compatiblethat is fine for all round use althoughtwo uhs2 card slots would be nicethat could have been upgraded with the aversionsthe a version would also get usb 3.2interface although i am not sure howmany people actually use usb for datatransferthe battery life is also excellent it israted for 650 shots which isoutstanding value realistically you cantake well over 1000 shots on a singlecharge depending on the usageyou can also charge the battery incamera using usb-cor micro usb portalso worth mentioning is that i've beentesting a7 r3 in very high temperaturesat about37 degrees celsius often in directsunlight for a weekand i have never even seen theoverheating indicator so that doesn'tseem to be an issuejust like with all full frame e-mountcameras the lens selection is a hugestrength of a7r3i have talked about that and my fivelens sony e-mount kit in a separatevideo which will be linked in thedescriptionto sum up i think that sony a7r3 is oneof the best aging digital cameras and in2021it may be more relevant than ever makingthe a7r 3a with an upgraded displaydefinitely makes sense in my opinionfirst of all it offers excellent output43 megapixel steels from a7r3 are superdetailedand they still exceed requirements ofthe vast majority of publishingplatformsthe sensor is accompanied with a verygood autofocus system and inbound imagestabilization which creates a capableall-round packagesony was also able to pack all of thatinto a very compact bodydespite that it still has very goodergonomici was also positively surprised by the4k video from a7r3it looks really good basically the onlypart of a7r3 that feels outdated is themain menu.

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