Sony a7R IV Hands-on First Impressions | Review 2021

there just wasn't enough megapixels yeah right butif in fact you do crave lots ofmegapixels and ISA more you just didn'tcut it well now you've got that 87 r4 ohyes when the truly crazy thing is thisdoesn't have just a mere 40-somethingmegapixels not even a mere 50 somethingmegapixels this has got 61 megapixels onthe full frame sensor and you know whatI think it makes more sense to sellmegapixels to the mess consumers than itdoes medium format it's easy tounderstand why you might need moremegapixels than it does medium formatwhat medium format digital cameras ormedium ish format digital cameras someof the sensors are not exactly the samesize of mean format film is thatinvolves a bit of geekery to explain thetrue benefits of a sensor size that'sbigger than full-frame where's amegapixel count it's a number the biggerthe number the better of it by usingthat logic that a seven are alwaysbetter than any other full-frame camerano right now my long way even moremegapixels in some of Fugees medium ishformat cameras might need the memorycard that's a good start right whilewe're on the topic of memory cards nowfor all you slot happy people out therethis has changed look it's this thisflappy bird instead of a switch hereyou've got something which is more akinto something you'll find on the deer'slaw now the benefit of that is that youdon't actually knock the switch and thenboom your flaps open rain-snow goes inwhatever yes the cards have ruined and Italk about SD card slots number one isup there nownumber two down there gets it make senseand both of them now are UHS two andalthough it looks pretty much unchangedit looks quite similar to the a zone RVthere have been some subtle improvementscheck this out this bits flat that'sround and it's bigger bigstuff this this is nice this feelsbetter to use on your thumb it doesn'tfeel like you're being attacked mightyour d-pad and buttons just seem biggerwhich is good if you're operating itwith gloves all you've got sausage fourfingers and then up top we've got dialhere and exposure calm dial with a lockno brilliant this bit this bits new newflappy bits all round this is muchbetter than beforebefore it just kind of flaps about allover the place this is a nice set offlaps that's for sure flap happy thoseimproved flappy bits also Mina mark fouris better dust and weather resistanceand off on a tangent that grip feelsdeeper a bit more spacious between lensand grip okay
that's done now this isalso got five gigahertz Wi-Fi connectionuseful for fast and reliable connectionwhich is handy because I'm going tousing this to control the carer becauseI'm getting up herehmm parkour okaystill on my trousers up all rightsweating like a bastard now it's justdistant okay it's connecting though herewe are but yeah that's nice posethat's very Instagram keepsdisconnecting it's a little bit slownow Donal is because I'm on the trainline all that's too far away or whatmaybe a mix of both okay all rightlet's try taking a shot let me try thatoutI'm getting all artistic now has eventaken a shot therecome here yes you deaf idiot image isshot in JPEG as no converter any time ofshooting this but nonetheless the JPEGsare nicely work with Sony mentioned thatthis has got 15 stops of dynamic rangewhich is one stop more than the Fuji GFX50 and 100 and without wanting to soundtoo obvious but those 61 megapixelsprovide a heck of a load of sharp crispydetails the negatives well could be abit overkill for Instagram still I'mgonna post this one on the ejido withsuch a high resolution carry you reallyneed to be careful with the exposure youneed to have it on something stable or afaster shutter speed when I was usingthis Manfrotto tabletop tripod there'ssome blurring of the details thanks tosome vibrations I assumed alternativelywith good light and a fast enoughshutter speed you get some soupherbermann Tito even when you crop infor high ISO stuff it looks pretty goodorder way up to ISO 12800 details stilllook nice and sharp ISO 25600 you startto see some chroma noise in the shadowswhich becomes problematic 850 1200 andobviously higher than that another thingwhen you've taken a large number ofshots in quick succession you have toexpect that a carer has to sometimesplay catch-up writing those huge filesto the card the craziness just keepsgoing on because this has got pixelshift multi shoot what does that mean ittakes more than one shot and thencombines into one high resolution shotas if 16 megapixels is not highsolution enough you can take over 4 or16 shots 16 shots gives you effectively963 record pixels those extra pixelsaren't just for a high resolution itgives you better color accuracy and atthe end you get a lovely 240 megapixelshot just a mere 240 megapixels
I can'tshow you these shots yet also becausethere's no convert available to putthose images together yet but it'sperhaps not even for landscape usersbecause even grass moves about so don'tsay yeah and then this high-resfull-frame mirrorless camera now slowlychugs out those crispy pics right wellnot quite well look at this we've got anice lovely landscape but now we've gotBMX is going all over it and I'll bephotographing some moving BMX peoplebecause this is no slow high-res camerabecause this can take 10 frames persecond full resolution yes 60 megapixelslet's take a second to let that sink inokay let's shoot let's go yesthis just doesn't feel right that manymegapixels that burst rate it's a bitnaughty Willie now one thing I do noticeis the the square the focusing square isred no it's so easy to spot before it'sin gray so it's a lot harder to spotwhen you're looking at firmly dull grayskies oh right in UK okay this is whenaction gets serious catback front nowthis has real-time AF real time I faceAF it has real time tracking too likethat a nine and it's so sticky like pooon porcelain Fridays on r2 before itwasn't a bad folks at a seminar threepretty good at focusing but it'ssomething about this that just feelsphenomenal getting phenomenal it'sincredibly reliable for trackingsubjects moving in all directions you'vejust got to love those little dancinggreen folks in squares Hemi are there567 that's 1.4 times more than before soin terms of the courage 74% verticallysorry I was hauntingly I get myhorizontals and verticals mixed up 74%horizontally 99% the other way that'sone point six times more than beforethe coverage I don't know how they keepdoing this they just keep offering morewhich is quite different to some of thecompetitors I think and if more issimply too much if 16 megapixels is justtoo damn much for you you can crop itsuper 35 mode 26 megapixels and forthose who want the camera to do is workquite there's a completely silent modeuses electronic shutter silent shootingit does silent shooting sin fpswhere is it is it here we areconfusing this ok check providing yousoundtrack just you know that I'm takingphotos right let's check that rollingshut in electronic shutter modes it'sevident you can see that that's that'ssome very deformed action going on theresilence shutter for sports I'm sure youcould use it for stuff like golf but butwell there's actually sport it's likewalking around the park was stick andhitting your ball into the river for funhere we go we're gonna burn up thisbuffer but saying that it's got a biggerbuffer than before you can shoot 68JPEGs or compress wall consecutively ifyou're happy to shoot in 26 megapixelaps-c crop you get three times biggerbuffer shot buffet this seriously is anice carrot to grip it weirdly it looksexactly the sameI just don't understand where the spacehas come from but it's gone my spaceplus these dials that exposure comp notas easy to not accidentally when I saynot as easy it won't not externallybecause you've got that lock buttonright there there we areit's just pick out the eye and facesthey've got helmets on like it needsemphasizing anymore but the focusing isbloody brilliant so it's got real timetracking face iaf animals there's noanimals here maybe that's a health andsafety thing probably not good to letanimals roam around in hotel they'repointing up in the spa right havinglooked massage yeah if you could see itbut still works even with sunglasses onthere we go look at that in withsunglass on even tiny window ofopportunity look it works it's greatwith the way it performs it's quite easyto forget what the are is all aboutI mean aim here is to take on mediumformat but this offers something thatMiedema format doesn't give try thismedium format there's a little jumperthere's a bit of as far as what theyjust come up you see it right in lastminute so when you focus it's got to bequick be able to take the subject splitsecond and this thing is responsive Idon't remember even Baldemar threeautofocus although I don't think it lefta bold impression on me the mark fallsfocus feels sharp and tight ready forany kind of action you chuck at it let'snot forget this door takes 4k video froma 16 megapixel sensor down sample from6athis is a beast a beastly kitten it'sweird it's wonderful it's Jekyll andHyde it does things that have seeminglybeen mutually exclusive up until now tohave the high resolution and the abilityto deal with speedy things were burstand focused fast enough to keep up it'sa threat to medium ish format digitaland the high FPS cameras it's as much acamera for the casual shooter as it isfor the working photographer withhigh-speed wired or wireless tetheringso we've got Wi-Fi tethering with ASMRlock poor so you can see a wallpaperthat looks a little bit different toseen nothing little little bit of lagbut as I said good for productphotography right see the professionalwork I'm trying to think about somenegatives to say about this and I'mreally struggling here maybe perhaps itmight be too many megapixels this is themedium format killer without thecompromises of medium formatso here I am at the Sony event - thispuppy right here in seven are not fallwe've got things going on we got aghetto blaster over there look at thathe's that's a DJ right there mixing upsome tunes can't hear anything right nowbut it doesn't matterwe're in Ireland so of course whiskeywe're just gonna slather some stuff intothe glass and see what we can get it's anice sharp 61 megapixel shots see Wowlook at her whiskey by the bucketloadthat guy's definitely had too muchwhiskey drink responsibly kids kids youshould be drinking anyway so we've gotthis on three hundred and thirty twohundred per second 10 FPS 60 100 pixelsshe'll be able to get the shot that makesense okay three two one go splosh yeahshe tell you what can I drop the ice you guys shopping doesn't how it takes a picture.

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