What Impressed Me With The Sony A9 II | Review 2021

what's going on everyone we are backwe're outside that's right we are in ourfirst phase of getting out of lockdownhere in Singapore nonetheless we'reallowed to film that's what I'm here totalk to you about a camera finally thatI've been waiting to review I've beenwaiting for a while unfortunately thereis no sports happeningno zoo so yeah this camera might not beI might not be able to show youeverything that this camera can do butyou'll get the gist of it by the end ofthis review anyway we're here to talkabout the sony a 9 to along with threelenses the 135 1.8 the 100 or 400 and a200 to 600 like all our reviews we arenot paid or sponsored unless we tell youwith that let's talk about the a 92 nowthis camera is an evolution not arevolution and compared to the originala 9 now that camera was fantastic thenit is still fantastic today and the a9has done some updates to it but for themost part is basically an a9 plus let'sgo over some of the differences now oneof the big changes in the camera is ofcourse the hand grip the body design nowa lot of people out there alwayscomplain about the sony alpha seriesbeing a little bit small in the handsthe ace of an r4 came out sony addressedit with that camera that design is nowin the a9 - i have larger hands I reallylike the grip now also you've got a newbattery grip on this as well because ithas to fit the larger hand grip so withthese together this is one great feelingcamera in the hand I have to say Sony'sdone a tremendous job with it alsothere's been improved weather sealing onit so you've got that if you want to goout in the more rougher terrains orgonna have no problems with that withthe a9 to update its processor inside ofit you still got that fast electronicshutter 20 frames per second electronicshutter mode and then you've got 10frames per second a mechanical shutterit's not class-leading the 1d x mark 3does top it in terms of speed buthonestly speaking with the 24s persecond in electronic shutter mode andthere's no warping or no distortion
you got to hand it to Sony they got they'vedone a tremendous job with this also thecolorscience has improved on this andit's a welcome change honestly when I'mediting photos now and I just editingskin tones I don't have to do so much toit so applause Sony for that - you atejust two card slots now you don't havethat duo or that memory stick card slotthen nobody ever used like five yearsSonia was like- that thing they finally let it gothey'd had a divorce they brought in UHS- with this camera now I have a not aproblem with it but I I wish there wassomething little bit different I'll talkabout that later on the review but atleast you have to use just two cardslots in this you've got five gigahertzWi-Fi capabilities an Ethernet port init if you ever want to use those thingsyou might not you might not never touchit but it's there in the camera if youneed it and you got a slightly betterbattery life and that's essentially thea9 - an evolution not a revolution but avery solid camera now let's talk aboutlenses first let's talk about myfavorite daily lens from Sony now it'sofficially the 135 1.8 Fe GM lens I meanI've been wanting to test this lens Ithink since it ever launched and it'sbeen challenging to be frank with youit's been very challenging to get itfrom Sony Singapore I think they've justdon't have a lot of copies or whateverit is I had to sell my kidney honestlyit's on eBay right now if you want tohelp me out that's why I got this lensI'm joking of course but I finally gotit in my hands and I understand whypeople love this lens so much it isbiting sharp this is Sony at their bestand you know I'm used to using the 2470the 1635 and then 70 to 200 all goodlenses in their own rightthis lens Sony keep making this kind oflens first off you've got a fasterautofocus motor inside of it you've got13 elements 10 groups it's 950 grams notthe lightest lenses on the market but itfeels really good on the a9 - 82millimeter for the filter diameter onthis as well and yeah it's pricey it'sexpensive but it's a beautiful prime the135 1.8 beautiful portraiture stunningblows out the back background and nayalates
it everything on this lens isfantasticnow obviously the 135 is not a lens thatyou're gonna use like all the time rightI mean because it is a longer focallength unless you shoot like that allthe time butif you really want to see the capabilityof what Sony can do with their GM lensescheck out the 135 it is a stellar lensand for those who've owned it of courseyou know what I'm talking about forthose who haven't go try it out trust menext let's talk about the sony 100 to400now let's say you need a lens longerthan a 70 to 200 and you want some rangein there try out the 100 to 400 at 4.5to 5.6 OSS gee master lens by Sony nowthis lens is a very good all-around zoomlens for what it's designed for now it'snot the sharpest lens and Sony's lineupbut it does a very good job now you dohave optical steadyshot in this you'regonna get that image stabilizationinside the lens as well with the body soyou're gonna be really covered in thatregard one of the things I did noticeabout of course is you do have thattelescopic zoom here which some peoplelove some people hate personally I wishit was all internal but it is what it isbut I think for a lot of photographersout there they just need something alittle bit longer than 70 to 200 this isgonna be a very good option for you nowlet's talk about what is inside of thislens you got 22 Elements 16 groups theweight of this lens is 1395 grams soit's not a light lens you got a tripodring here which is non removable so youare good to go in that regard it's agood all-around lens I mean it's not awow lens but I think it's a goodworkhorse for you if you need a 400millimeter lens you don't want to spendso much money on a much faster lens outthereI think the 100 400 is a very goodoption for you but I will say that ifyou want to shoot low light with thislens I would be very careful about thatbecause of course at 5.6 out of 400millimeters it's not the fastest lenslower light means higher ISO you mightrun into some issues if you need a verysharp shot but if you're shooting brightdaylight no issues at all this lens canreally do the job for you now let's moveon to my favorite zoom lens from Sonythe 200 to 600wah now we're here to talk about myfavorite daily Street lens this is whereI walk the streets on I shoot with thisdon't youyou don't walk around with the 200 to600 you are missing out let me tell yousomethingnobody's gonna yell at you for takingtheir photo because you have to be sofar back they'll never see you try itsometime kidding the 200 is 600 5.6 26.30 SSG lens now this is a small lensright it's quite small I meanconsidering its a 200 600 it's actuallynot too bad but it's quite beefy but Ihave to say for usability wise this lensreally fits the bill for a lot of peopleout there that don't want to buy a 600pran even though the 600 f/4 is aphenomenal lens you are really limitedat 600 you have to really know whatyou're gonna use that lens for and bevery specific but if you're going to bedoing any kind of sports or any kind ofwildlife or anything that's gonnarequire moving around or the subjectisn't it's gonna be moving you do one azoom lens and that's where the 200-600comes into play now this is not thefastest lens and Sony's lineup of courseit's a five point six to six point threethis is eight-day light lens I can shootlow light but again aiyah so is gonna becreeping up so it will impedeperformance a little bit but overall Ihave to say the image quality out ofthis is not bad at all let's talk aboutwhat is inside of this lens you've got24 elements 17 groups the weight of thisis two thousand one hundred and fifteengrams easy to carry around right justget a battery grip with any of thesezoom lenses please invest in a batterygrip if not you're really going to bestruggling because while the grip hasimproved on the a9 - they're notdesigned to be used with a lens likethis walking around that's why there isa tripod mount here available and it isnon removable but it is there and youwill definitely need to use it in termsof auto focusing speed though it isrelatively quick I have no issues interms of performance and haven't beenable to test it out into any type ofsports because unfortunately as Imentioned before we're still in lockdownmode no sports no entertainment no zoobut I mean fromI experienced testing the autofocusingsystem on a various different lensesit's not the fastest and it's not theslowest but it is a very solid performerand I think that if you are the type ofphotographer that needs a very good zoomdefinitely check this out it comes in ata very good price point as well eventhough it doesn't have that orangiemaster to it you still have somefantastic image quality to this lens nowtalked enough about the lenses let's gointo Lightroom and let's take a look atthe image quality coming out of thesethree lenses alright now we are inLightroom taking a look at some of theimages I've taken with the a9 2 now as Imentioned before in this review nosporting events no wildlife events weare still in lockdown mode here so I didget some pictures of my friend terrencecycling and some random cyclists andpeople exercising and some lifestyleshots just to kind of give you an ideaof the image quality of the a92 pairedwith these three lenses first let's lookat the 135 1.8 here's a shot of myfriend Terrence we shot this in brightbright sunlight and I'll show you thebefore image just to give you an idea ofhow bright it was now this is a greatimage I mean it's sharp look at theseparation from the background this isreally something and I shot this at 1.8ISO 101 over 4 thousands of a second soI mean I was really pushing this camerabecause this is what it looked likeoutside as you can tell see how brightit was yes so if I was to get this lenson my own accord I would definitely getan ND filter for it if you want to shootoutdoors here's a couple other shotsI've Tarrance some various differentposes here's some great action shots aswell he was riding towards me burst modetracking it just nailed it I mean he'sgritting his teeth he's into the rideit's a fantastic shot really happy withit and as you can tell I just moved himthrough this it doesn't lose focus atall now the tracking on this camera isreally good is it a hundred percentno all cameras out there will have ahits and misses here and there but I cantell you I got way more hits than missesso do not worry about that at all if youare on doubting Sony's capabilities ontracking don't be it's a fenta stick camera for that especially forsports okay now let's look at some otherphotos with the 135 1.8 this is somearchitecture shots I've taken this isthe Esplanade here in Singapore this isa theatre venue it's got a veryinteresting design and shape to it wecall it a durian here because as you cansee the panels they're got thistriangular sharp look to them and thisis what it looks like actually if youlook on to the side and with a 135 youwould think that might not be a greatlens for architecture but you can reallykind of capture details in the buildingand as you can see if I punch in withthat look how look how sharp that isthat is fantastic iso 100 135 won overfor thousands of a second here is theart science museum again what this isiso 100 look at the sharpness on thisfantastic look at the building thereflections there it's really a solidsolid lens so now let's move on to the100 400 now this is the copy of the lensthat I have I'm going to be very carefulon how I talk about it because I didnotice that I was not getting a hundredpercent sharp images when the camera wassaying was it locked on focus my shutterspeed was fine everything was fine I didtalk to Sony they said it could be a badcopy this is a demo lens and has gottenbanged around a little bit but I'll giveyou an idea what I'm talking about hereI'm over 1/1000 of a second at 400millimetres of F 5.6 at ISO 500 thisshould not be the case right this shouldbe bitingly sharp so I'm gonna say thisis might be in the lens issue but when Idrop it down to 175 things get a littlebit sharper as you can tell by the thisface it's not a hundred percent but it'snot too bad at allthat was one over three to twentyeighths of a second on that so I shouldbe good to go for the most part I didget this bird perched on a pole here Imean is this 100% sharp no but it willbe fine for social media and likes thatbut as you can see there's a lot of Idon't know what this is going on thelens so I'm not gonna judge this lenstoo much I'm just gonna give an idea ofthe potential that it has but yeah thisshot turned out really well on the beakgot too bad a little bit of noise thereis so 6400 300 meters 5.6 at 1,600 overthe secondagain because these birds move around soquick I really had to you know work withthat shutter speed a bit more than Iwouldn't necessarily want to I got itbut I have noise as a result and that'skind of the 100 to 400 again it's not myfavorite zoom lens now maybe it's mycopy the lens that I have but let's talkabout the 200 to 600 now this lens is avery sharp lens for what it is nowunfortunately in the way of 5.6 is 6.3aperture this lens means it's not goingto work well in low light situationsI'll show you that in just a second buthere's a couple shots of a dog I shotthis over at 600 millimeters at 6.31 orfive hundredths of a second sharp happylook at that beautiful this is in colorhere's another shot of a dog lookingthrough the window again I'm justtesting out the image quality on thislens but look at the detail you can seethe water coming off the hairs here thisis a fantastic lens and it's not a geemaster lens it's just a G lens but itreally does produce some great imagesnow here's some tracking shots of arandom guy cycling as he's going throughagain if I would show you every singleshot when you going 20 frames for asecond it can look a little bit mundanebut just to give you an idea and look atthisyou know ISO 250 it's six point threefive hundredths of a second so yeah youknow this is the downside when you'reusing a lens with this slow of apertureis that you really need bright lightsyou really need to be in the optimalsituation otherwise you really are gonnahave to crank up the ISO andunfortunately that means that you aregonna get some noise in your image butthis is very very usable let's look atsome other images here I mean this isjust a lifestyle shot of a father anddaughter cycling through and my littlepony backpack and yeah I mean it's abeautiful little image it captures amoment and it works well and the imagequality of this lens is fantastic butnow let's talk about what it looks likein low-light situations as I mentionedbefore 6.3 upon pushing out to 600millimeters it's gonna be a stretch lookat this now there has been someCorrections on this let me just give youan idea I did a lot ofShinzon this and you can see the colortemperature now for some reason on thesony and i don't know if it's the lensor what it is and likes a shift to bluequite a bit and that's not what i wasseeing when i was out there but that'sthe original and you can see there's alot of noise on that but of course if ijust bring it back then i can I mean Istill have noise but I got a little bitmore detail again go back to theinformation on this image its ISO 12800600 millimetres of 6.3 at 1 / 5hundredths of a second you'll definitelyneed a tripod what this lensI was doing this all handheld but againI wouldn't push it beyond 12,800 for animage if you want to do anything withwork-related because you can see thenoise I'm at it and that's with noisereduction on here's without it you cansee a lot of the grain there so thiscomes in all you know less expensiveprice point but you do sacrifice thatlow-light capabilities with this just acouple other shots here and I give youan idea see the noise and sky here againtrying my best to alleviate it with someediting but it's just really hard to doso this lens is meant for daylight andthat's pretty much the performance onthe a9 - with these three lenses the 1351.8 is a fantastic lens that 100 400again I think my copy might be a littlebit bad so I don't want to get intodetail with it and the 200 600 is afantastic lens in the right lightingsituation and it brings me to my finalthoughts on the a9 - now obviously as Imentioned before this is an evolutionfrom the original a 9 and they didn'treally need to upgrade to a 9 that muchbecause it was already a camera youcould say in some ways ahead of its timeone of the improvements I wish were onthe a9 2 is the EVF now it's the same asthe a9 which is a three point six ninemillion EVF that is industry standardfor the most part but the a7 r4 has amuch higher resolving EVF and it looksfantastic and I wish it was in thiscamera reason being if this camera isgeared for more sports and wildlifephotographers out there you want to seethe sharpest and clearest image possiblethat's why a lot of photographers stillopt for the optical viewfinder for thatreason alone it would be nice to have itin this it's not a deal-breaker but ifyou're talking about improvements that'swhat improvement I wish it was insidethis camerais in regards to the card slots now yesyou have to UHS to card slots in thisbut again a sports camera if you'regonna shoot a lot of shots in sequenceyou want a car that can hold that kindof data transfer it can do well rightit's gonna hold the buffering is prettydecent it would be nice to see on xqd orCF Express card slot inside this atleast one so you could opt to have thatcard and use the UHS 2 as a backup orwhatever the case you however you wantto shoot because a CF Express card orkey XQD card is so much faster and as wesaw on let's say the 1 DX mark 3 reviewthat's one of the biggest attributes ofthat camera is just you can shoot for anhour and you're not going to have anyissues with buffering whatsoever andespecially when again every photo couldbe a money shot you want to make surethat you don't miss it because of abuffering issue besides that though Ireally enjoyed using the a9 - it's justI love the improvements that Sony's doneon it of course the grip is one of thebiggest improvements it feels like amuch sturdier camera overall you knowthe menu system is slightly improved thecolorscience a slightly improved allthese little improvements have made a 9a very enjoyable camera out there andI've been one to really criticize Sonywhen I feel that they haven't hit themark but I think they really did on thea9 - we missed out on the Olympics ofcourse in all those big sporting eventsthis year we might see that in the tailend of the year I'm sure a lot of you'regoing to get back to work very soon ifyou're in the US and in Europe so thismight be a camera that you might want toconsider especially if you're looking togo into mirrorless and want something that you know is gonna last you.

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